“40 Ways to Fight Nazis”

[August 2020: The revised second edition, which supercedes this one, is now available.]

My new guide, “40 Ways to Fight Nazis: Forty Community-Based Actions You Can Take to Resist White Nationalist Organizing” has just been published by SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice).

It outlines forty legal actions—the majority of which are available to people of all backgrounds, identities, and skill levels—which help to contain and neutralize White Nationalist organizing, as well as the damage it inflicts to communities.

The guide is available as a 10-page document, and a 2-page summary that you can hand out at rallies and events.

5 thoughts on ““40 Ways to Fight Nazis”

  1. The links to 40 Ways To Fight Nazis are dead. Searched in Scribd.com (the document is made private ie no public access). Nothing on Wayback machine. Can you re-publish it on this website?


    • thank you for pointing this out! i have updated and linked to the PDFs at bottom. BTW an updated edition will be out very soon.


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