My Favorite Piece of Fan Mail So Far

This is the best note I’ve received in the past few days. Apparently I am – simultaneously – a liberal, a Marxist, and a crypto-jihadist.

Perhaps this fellow should read about how Islamists treated marxists in Afghanistan and Indonesia – or how marxists treated liberals in the Soviet Union and China.

Spencer you are obviously a croney for the liberal leftist movement which has so pervasively overrun our places of higher learning, and corrupted the very fabric of the Constitution wilst pretending, in your newly evolve form as Homo-utopius Aquarianus, that it is a living document, and can be manipulated as only the liberal socialist left sees fit. Damn the lesser educated patriots who actually work for a living and believe in the literal definitions of the specific context of the document. It is a clear and simple fact that the federal government, as well as the state and local governments are employing every dirty underhanded scheme that they can to strip people who may be independent enough to pose the slightest threat to their agenda for implementation of the new world order, and rules such as the codex alimentarius, of their land, all of their assets, and their constitutional rights. I feel so sorry for such intelligent and highly educated morons like you and the minions that believe the Marxist crap that you have bought into, and not only support, but actually promote. It is no wonder that you promote this and write your articles in defense of the government because for you government is God. You have no other, and everybody must believe in something, so you’ve adopted the most powerful thing in your life as God. You are just a tool in the subversive jihad that is being played out by this corrupted system and the leftist thugs under orders from above they’re trying real hard to take our guns. If they succeed before I’m dead I will gladly use mine to protect your people from this tyrannical machine blindly raping the citizenry and pillaging our livelihood right out from under us.

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