Amazon’s Still Selling Lots of Nazi Books

Amazon will bring almost anything to your door in a day. Despite numerous exposés, that still includes Nazi books running the gauntlet from “classic” tomes of Hitler-era Germany to standard post-war white supremacist texts up through alt-right writers. … Many classics of Nazi Germany are available, not from scholarly presses with appropriate framing but from racist publishers. Neo-Nazis can enjoy A New Nobility of Blood and Soil by Walther Darré, the Nazi regime’s agriculture minister, or the works of the Nazi economist Gottfried Feder. Those who prefer what’s described as “one of the most highly prized books of the Aryan home” can order The Yearly Celebrations and Life in the SS Family. It has a five-star rating and free shipping with Prime.

Read the fill article at the Daily Beast

One thought on “Amazon’s Still Selling Lots of Nazi Books

  1. Hi Spencer, I just want to say this was a really good read and well researched. I do think tech and those who exploit it to share hateful content are moving too fast for policy, especially with defining hate speech.

    This may be of interest: In this neck of the woods, last month, we had a similar thing happen, several openly racist books published by Tross Publishing are readily available in local bookstores and public libraries. Other white supremacist independent publishing houses are easily accessible, including books written by NZ’s version of the National Front -Kerry Bolton in particular- (who have now teamed up with the biggest far right organisation here as you might know, Action Zealandia, which is an ecofascist group aligning themselves with identitarians, Atomwaffen and the Christchurch shooter).

    Now, there have been a lot of calls post-Christchurch to remove such books (Jordan Peterson’s books were removed from shelves), but it is way too easy to get much more dangerous material.

    In high school, we had a very openly left wing history teacher who had us read such materials to get us to spot what a Nazi is, even when it’s not obvious. I’m grateful for this lesson. But others won’t have had this opportunity and I do worry about the impact of the availability of such books.

    Kindly, K


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