Spencer’s 2016 speaking tour in Germany & London

I’ll be a doing a speaking tour in Germany leading up to the US elections, as well as a couple dates in London. There are two different talks I will be giving: one is on the U.S. radical right in the age of Trump, and the other is on U.S. Left/Right crossover movements (which in Germany is recognized as an issue for the Left, more than in the U.S.).

ctrifcvxeaa0yebOctober 20: Essen
U.S. Left/Right Crossover Movements
Gladbecker Str. 10, 45141 Essen

Monday, October 24: Koblenz
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7: 30 PM
Jam Club Koblenz

Wednesday, October 26: Köln
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7:30 PM
S01, Seminargebäude
University of Cologne
Universitatsstrasse 37, 50931

Thursday, October 27: Bonn
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7:30 PM
Le Sabot
Breite Strasse 76, 53111

Friday, October 28: Duisburg
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7 PM
Gerokstr.2, 47053

Sunday, October 30: Hamburg
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
8 PM
Große Elbstraße 14, 22767


Tuesday, November 1: Dresden
U.S. Left/Right Crossover Movements
6:30 PM
TU Dresden
Hörsaalzentrum Bergstraße 64, 01069

Wednesday, November 2: Leipzig
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7 PM
Conne Island
Koburger Straße 3, 04277

Friday, November 4: Berlin
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
8 PM
Boddinstr. 42, 12053

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-12-40-22-amSaturday, November 5 : Berlin
The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump
7 PM
Café Commune
Reichenberger Str. 157, 10999

Tuesday, November 15: London
The U.S. Radical Right and Antifascist Movement in the Age of Trump
7 – 9 PM
London Activist Resource Center
72 Fieldgate St, E1

Wednesday, November 16: London
U.S. Left/Right Crossover Movements
1-2:30 PM
Birbeck University
School of Social Science, History and Philosophy
28 Russell Square
Dreyfus Room (Room 202)

The U.S. Radical Right in the Age of Trump

In the United States, the campaign of Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump has been a huge catalyst for the radical right. Patriot movement paramilitaries publicly brandish weapons to force the privatization of public lands and intimidate Muslims and refugees. Rightists are attacking Black Lives Matter protests with firearms, and violence has skyrocketed at counter-protests against fascists. White Nationalism is having its biggest growth in decades, and now includes new faces: intellectuals, hipsters, prison gangs, and Third Positionists. Spencer Sunshine will talk about the landscape of the U.S. radical right, what is driving it, and how the presidential election might affect it.

U.S. Left/Right Crossover Movements

In the last decade, many new forms of left/right crossover movements have developed in the English-speaking world. This includes the spread of new forms of Third Positionism, Julius Evola’s influence, popular mobilizations against finance capital, conspiracy theories, doctrines of racial separatism on the Left and Right, the spread of anti-semitism, and the popularity of Sovereign Citizen pseudo-legal theories. In music, there has been a spread of Rock Against Communism, fascist neofolk, and black metal (NSBM) bands. Spencer Sunshine will talk about these new forms of “unorthodox” fascism and their similarities and differences with German movements.

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